A spokesman for the Russian President Dmitry Peskov stated on such a position of the Kremlin in an interview with The Associated Press," UNIAN" reports.

Peskov said that "no one in Russia will ever be ready to discuss Crimea." Anticipating reaction of the US President-elect Donald Trump administration to this issue, Peskov said that Russia understands that it may take time.

“We understand it will take time for our partners in Europe, for our partners in the US to understand it. We are patient enough to wait until that understanding comes  here, to Washington, to the US, to Europe,” Peskov said.

Moreover, Putin's press secretary says that Donald Trump would convince NATO to slow down the expansion, or to withdraw its troops from the Russian borders, and this "will lead to a kind of defusing tensions in Europe." According to him, the Kremlin does not feel safe when "NATO forces are becoming more numerous and are getting closer to Russia's borders."

A Russian opposition politician ex-deputy of the Russian State Duma Ilya Ponomarev believes that returning and de-occupation of Crimea is a problem of Ukraine only, which should be assisted with the economic progress.

Photo: Internet