Beginning of the political peace process in the war-torn Syria is indefinitely postponed, said the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a conference, emphasizing that peace will not come to Syria for a long time:

“The prospect to start the political process and return of the Syrian people to civilian life is indefinitely postponed.”

Joint work is required to eliminate terrorist groups and militias, however, according to Shoigu, Russia failed to hold talks with Syrian opposition, and the West hampers the fight against terrorism.

October 18, the RF Defense Ministry announced the suspension of air strikes on Aleppo until the end of the so-called humanitarian pause, scheduled for October20. During the humanitarian pause, according to the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the militants would be able to leave Aleppo. October 20 it was announced that the humanitarian pause was extended for four more days. And on October 24, the issue of the further continuation of the humanitarian pause in war-torn Syria was removed from the agenda the Russian government.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has admitted the introduction of European Union sanctions against Russia for bombing of Syrian aircraft.

Photo: Internet