Russian airlines are notified of a possible suspension of charter flights with Turkey, Interfax informed with reference to its own source.

Reportedly, the relevant notice signed by the Deputy Head of the Federal Air Transport Agency of the Russian Federation was forwarded to the airlines. The in the agency specified the reason for this decision as the "complicated internal political situation" in Turkey.

Press secretary of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Irina Tyurina noted that the possible suspension of charter flights to Turkey would deprive millions of tourists, who have already paid for tours, of their rest and holidays.

“It will be, roughly speaking, an unprecedented "bummer" for millions of tourists, even worse than the closure of Turkey in 2015: Then the direction was closed at the end of November, the tourist flow had already ended, the season was almost completed. And now it is the eve of the high season. And suspending the charter is a ruin of hope for people who, even in times of economic crisis, decided to take their children on holiday, especially since Turkey gives very affordable prices.”

Earlier, QHA reported that commenting on the US missile strike on the airbase of the Assad regime in Syria on April 4, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmush stated that Ankara had advocated real steps in the fight against lawlessness before. According to him, the position of the international community should remain unchanged until Assad's troops cease their barbaric actions against the Syrian people.

In turn, Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the United States showed aggression against the Assad regime, launching a military operation in response to chemical attack. According to him, Putin perceives the actions of Washington as "an attempt to divert the attention of the international community from the numerous casualties among civilians in Iraq."

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