The Dutch authorities have received from Russia new data related to the crash of Malaysian Boeing near Donetsk in the summer of 2014, the Minister of Security and Justice of the Netherlands Ard van der Steur stated, as cited by Meduza.

The information was submitted to the Dutch Ambassador in Moscow on October 26. According to Ard van der Steur, this refers to the radar data, but which specific information and whether it is useful to the investigation will be determined only by the International Investigation Commission.

July 17, 2014, the Boeing, flying from the Netherlands to Malaysia, was hit over the territory of Donetsk region. The air disaster killed all 298 people aboard. Western countries and Ukraine believe that the pro-Russian separatists shot the plane down.

Australian LHD law firm filed a lawsuit in the European Court of Human Rights on behalf of relatives of 33 killed passengers of the plane shot down over the Donbas by militants in July 2014.

Photo: Internet