The Kremlin does not agree with the proposal to return the control of Ukrainian town Debaltsevo to Kiev, Interfax quoted Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the Russian President.

“As for Debaltsevo, we are now in a situation when the previous agreements are treated completely differently. Russia totally disagrees. This issue was left out as unsettled. Work on it will continue at the ministerial level,” Peskov said.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, summarizing the results of the "Normandy format" meeting in Berlin, said that Debaltsevo should enter the list of zones mentioned in Minsk agreements, for withdrawal of forces and equipment.

“Ukraine insisted on listing Debaltsevo among these four zones as a place to ensure the demilitarization, since the territory was in the control of the Ukrainian military under the memorandum of September 19 is under, and we believe that this will greatly promote the setting of de-escalation process, and it will be quite effective,” Poroshenko said at a press conference following the talks.

In Minsk, on the eve of the meeting of the "Normandy format" leaders, Ukraine insisted on the return of control over the town of Debaltsevo, Donetsk region.

PHOTO: Reuters