Russia is to blame for the failure of the talks between Russia, Ukraine and Europe on the issue of Kyiv-EU association, according to a statement by the European Commission December 21.

- Throughout the process (talks- ed.) the EU has been attentive to the Russia’s claims and put forward proposals for practical solutions to problems without amending the DCFTA (agreement on a free trade zone - ed.). Nevertheless, Russia has laid down groundless demands that could not be accepted since their inconformity with WTO and EU norms, according to a statement.

The sudden decision by the Russian Federation to change trade relations with Ukraine contradicts the conditions of the Minsk Agreements, reported the European Commission.

- As for President Putin’s statements, it was absolutely clear that as of January, 1 they would cease the favorable conditions that existed between Russia and Ukraine. This is an obvious violation of what has been said, as well as the Minsk Agreements, according to the document.

The Commission stated that in the light of the tripartite talks between Ukraine, Russia and the EU over a free trade zone, the Russia’s sanctions are an element of the political pressure.

- President Putin's decree of December 16, 2015, suspending the operation of the rules on Russia-Ukraine free trade zone added a political pressure contrary to the terms outlined in the Minsk Agreements, according to the EU communiqué.