Coordinator of the Crimean Human Rights Group Olga Skrypnyk and analyst Alexander Sedov attended the expert consultations of the OSCE / ODIHR titled "Information Days and the Day of dialogue on human rights in Ukraine."

The day was entirely devoted to the implementation of the recommendations provided in the 2015 Report of the ODIHR Mission and the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities to assess the human rights status in Crimea.

This mission conducted a monitoring in July 6 – 18, 2015, and the report was published in September 2015. In their report representatives of the OSCE mentioned the numerous violations of human rights since the occupation of the peninsula, and published their recommendations to the Russian and Ukrainian authorities, as well as to the de facto authorities in Crimea to improve the situation in the human rights sphere.

Today, however, in the course of consultations, the experts of human rights organizations stated that Russia has not complied with any of the recommendations of the OSCE in Crimea, and the human rights situation in the Crimea continues to deteriorate.

Representatives of the Crimean Human Rights Group prepared a summary on implementation of the OSCE recommendations by Russia.

This review provides the new facts of human rights violations in Crimea, committed after publication of the OSCE report in 2015. Among them: The ongoing policy of compulsory citizenship, the growing number of victims of politically motivated criminal and administrative prosecution, cases of illegal transportation of Ukrainian citizens from Crimea to Russia, the new restrictions on the freedom to assembly and association, growing campaign of the de facto authorities against freedom of expression and much more.

Based on the results of consultation with human rights organizations and the review of the materials provided by human rights activists and the Ombudsman Office, the OSCE final report to be compiled on the state of implementation of the recommendations of Mission’s report on the assessment of human rights status in Crimea.

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