(QHA) -

The presidents of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission have agreed to hold talks on disputes over gas and an EU-Ukraine free trade agreement, in parallel with efforts to stabilise the security situation in Ukraine, the EU said on Thursday, Reuters reports.

Barroso spoke to Putin by telephone on Thursday to discuss ways to ease the crisis in Ukraine, the Commission said in a statement.

"It was agreed to hold consultations between the presidents of Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission on the issues related with the implementation of the (EU-Ukraine) Association Agreement as well as on the supply of gas, in parallel with the efforts to stabilise the political and security situation.

"The concrete arrangements for these talks will be further discussed through the appropriate diplomatic channels," the Commission said.

The talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso are intended to be held in person, a European Commission source said, but it is not yet clear where or when.

The EU has imposed sanctions on Russia over its joining Crimea and its role in Ukrainian crisis. Russia has responded by banning EU food imports.