Russian authorities ordered to close a country house of the US embassy in Moscow and the English-American school, where children of diplomats from the US, UK and Canada study, according to the CNN report.

“We have been talking about this for several years: People who 8 years lived in the White House are not the Administration, but a group of foreign policy losers, angry and short-sighted. Today, Obama has officially admitted it,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova wrote on her Facebook page.

The Kremlin believes, US imposing sanctions against Russia because of hacker attacks is illegal.

“We believe these sanctions and decisions are illegal and unfounded. We strongly disagree with such groundless accusations of Russia,” the press secretary of the Russian Federation President Peskov said.

Earlier, the United States imposed new sanctions against Russia. The decree states that the penalties relate to "actions to undermine democracy in the US" and were introduced to "resist the nationwide state of emergency regime due to relatively significant malicious cyber-activity." Moreover, the government announced that 35 Russian diplomats to be expelled from the US.

Photo: Internet