At the OSCE meeting in Vienna, US Ambassador to the OSCE Daniel Baer, expressed his deep concern about the situation in eastern Ukraine, where, in his opinion, the ceasefire is in jeopardy due to the activation of shelling. He also spoke about the obstacles thrown by separatists and Russian troops in the mission's way.

"Observers' access to a potential center of increase in troops and equipment reserve, 50 km north-east of Mariupol, was blocked.

... Despite the limitations on the part of the combined separatist forces, we continue to document evidences that Russia sends troops and equipment to the Ukrainian territory," he said.

The diplomat also asserted that the observers recorded the movement of a van with the military in camouflage from the Russian border. According to him, Russia, throughout the conflict, continues to hide and conceal its active participation in the events in the east of Ukraine. He reminded that the Russian Federation was against increasing the presence of the OSCE mission in the border areas, and noted that the separatists and the Russian military denied the twenty-four-hour security guarantees for the observers. As a result, the Russian Federation has succeeded in transferring personnel and weapons across the border at night.

It should be noted that the OSCE is now actively considering the introduction of armed peacekeeping mission in the occupied territories of Donbas, to actively monitor the situation.

Photo: Internet