Russia has reinforced its group of forces in the Kaliningrad special district with "Bastion" divisional rocket complex,” Interfax-AVN military news agency reports.

The missile system, deployed in the Kaliningrad region, joined the missile formation of the Baltic Fleet. According the Fleet’s press service, the latest missile systems are necessary for planned re-equipment with new tactical and costal missile systems.

"Bastion" is equipped with a supersonic homing missile "Onyx," designed to protect over 600 km of coastline. The task of the missile complex is to defeat any surface ship under fire and electronic countermeasures.

“Bastion complexes, in fact, sealed off the entire coast. Now, using these systems, we are able to destroy both sea and ground targets at a distance of 350 km from the sea and almost 450 km of land,” said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

According to the estimates of military experts, such a distance - when deploying missile system in the Kaliningrad region - and its ability to reach the ground targets allows "Bastion", if necessary, to close the exit from the Danish straits into the Baltic Sea for ships of potential enemy, as well as destroy all possible targets on the Polish territory.

Shoigu also said that it is planned to completely re-equip the onshore systems with the latest weaponry until 2021.

Previously, Russia has placed in the annexed Crimea a frigate and submarines equipped with "Caliber" missiles systems (firing range of 1500 km), capable of striking strategic targets on the whole territory of Ukraine.

Photo: Internet