Special public prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje Katnic said that Russian nationalists were trying to overthrow the current government by assassinating the Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic.

A specially trained sniper was to commit the murder and later a terrorist group was to prepare a platform to promote the pro-Russian opposition to power. However, it is not specified how Russian nationalists planned to finance the political campaign in Montenegro.

The terrorist group was deported from Montenegro.
Russian journalist Alexander Feldman stated on his Facebook page, that this case can serve as a dangerous precedent for the leaders of the nationalist movements in Russia.

“If the adherents of the "Russian world" were just beaten, now they will simply and casually be put in prison. You hang in there, Yegor Aleksandrovich (Prosvirnin -. Ed.) And Igor Ivanovich (Girkin- "Strelkov" - Ed.),” the journalist wrote.

It was reported earlier that the British intelligence service MI5 recognized Russia international aggressor posing a threat, and stated that Russian intelligence officers are operating in Britain, undermining national security. Putin's official spokesman Peskov said in response: such actions are caused by the fact that "Russia is using every opportunity to promote its interests abroad."

Photo: Internet