There are four candidates for the post of US Secretary of State, and each of them is opposed to Russia's policy in a number of issues, according to Fox News TV channel.

Among the candidates are former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, incumbent Senator Robert Corker and former director of the CIA, a retired General David Petraeus.

In foreign policy, Mitt Romney is known to repeatedly determine Russia as "America's geopolitical enemy number one." Rudolph Giuliani is not as critical of Russian policy; he said that the country "can act as an enemy, a friend, an ally and rival on some issues simultaneously." Businessman Robert Corker, being an expert on US foreign affairs, was highly critical of the authorities of the Russian Federation in a number of interviews, referring to Putin's corrupt. Former CIA chief David Petraeus said that Russia is afraid of the appearance of developed democratic countries on its western borders. He also states that it is politicians, not the military, who should decide the issue of the ownership of Crimea.

Previously, US House of Representatives approved a bill about the establishment of the committee, to stifle Russian attempts to "exert covert influence" over different countries.