Yesterday, the Russian Supreme Court considered an appeal submitted by Ismet Yuksel, Advisor to Mejlis Chairman, concerning the ruling handed down by Moscow City Court on June 31, 2014, whereby a 5-year ban on his entry to the Russian Federation was to remain in force.

This is an ultimate authority in the Russian Federation, after which a complainant may apply to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). As with courts of previous instances, Illarion Vasilyev, a human rights lawyer and representative of Ismet Yuksel, was not informed of the reason for the ban. 

“According to a telegram Ismet Yuksel received, the Supreme Court's hearing was to begin at 3.00 pm on November 18, but in fact it began at 4.50 pm. The hearing only lasted 15 minutes, following which our appeal was dismissed. Only the statement of motivation was announced; the definition will be delivered later. There is nothing unexpected for us in the development of proceedings in the courts of the Russian Federation. We are going to appeal the ruling with the ECHR,” Illarion Vasilyev said in an interview with QHA.

It was reported earlier, that Ismet Yuksel filed an appeal about the ruling handed down by Moscow City Court. The appeal followed a suit he filed against the FSS of the Russian Federation over its decision made on June 30, 2014, whereby he was banned from entering the Russian Federation, including the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, for a period of 5 years.

Ismet Yuksel was verbally notified of the decision in Russian by Russian border guards when he was attempting to enter Crimea via Armyansk checkpointat at about 6.30 am on August 10, 2014. In particular, it was stated that the FSS of Russia forbids him from entering the Russian Federation for 5 years, up to June 30, 2019.

Now Ismet Yuksel has to live outside Crimea. 

It is worth noting that Ismet Yuksel stayed in Ukraine, and more specifically in Ukrainian Crimea, according to the indefinite leave to remain and his registration, which remained valid as of March 18, 2014, the date on which Russia officially recognized Crimea as being annexed. 

Ismet Yuksel became the third Crimean Tatar to be forbidden from entering Crimea. Prior to that, Mustafa Jemilev, leader of Crimean Tatars and Refat Chubarov, Mejlis Chairman, and later Sinaver Kadyrov, a public activist, were banned from entering their homerland.