Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense is going to introduce some sanctions against representatives of the Ukrainian businesses that are engaged in commercial activities in the territory of ORDLO, as well as in Russia-occupied Crimea, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine, member of "People's Front", the Head of the subcommittee on military security and defense of the VR profile committee Yuri Bereza said in an interview with TV channel "112 Ukraine".

“The business, which operates in the occupied territories had to stop. And there should not be any talk with the aggressor...

What was been captured, poached by Russia – with the financial capacity it’s not too difficult to apply to the court, to the European Court, and to request it back.

If it [the trading activities in the occupied territories -. Ed.] is profitable, then our answer, the answer of the  Committee of National Security and Defence will be the following: Inclusion in the sanctions list. And expansion of the sanctions list with those who run business in the occupied territories. It concerns absolutely all the businesses that are involved in the financing of murderers who kill Ukrainians. No untouchables,” the MP said.

According to the Presidential decree of  September 16, 2016 "On application of special personal economic and other restrictive measures", which entered into force on  October 31, extended sanctions, in addition to personalities, are imposed against entire sectors of the occupant’s economy.