The population of the occupied Donbas sooner or later will rise up against the terrorists, and Ukraine should take advantage of this uprising to return the occupied regions, an MP from the "Fatherland" party Nadiya Savchenko said.

 Savchenko stressed that Donbas is the Ukrainian land and it should be de-occupied.

“We need to propose to all those who love Russia and consider it their land, to go and love Russia on its territory,” said the politician.

Nadiya Savchenko believes that some part of the people in the territory controlled by the "LPR" and "DPR" are "sick in the head."

“It is clear that the Russian TV and propaganda contributed to their "affection". I watched Russian television myself for two years, because I had to. Only mentally and morally stable person can stand it,” she said.

She went on saying about the need to negotiate with people in occupation.

When asked by the Russian website, whether it is possible for Savchenko to appear in Donetsk, the MP said: "Yes, it is possible, and it was possible the whole week. All last week I was near Donetsk and could easily come there."

Photo: Internet