The head of the Russian Sberbank, German Gref said that his agency did not and does not plan to entry the peninsula as in his opinion Crimea is not a part of the Russian Federation.

According to the banker, the work in Crimea for any international company is not economically profitable, because it contradicts to the position of the international financial sector, he said this in an interview with German WDR 5 radio station, according to Viewpoint publication.

“That is only because Crimea is a territory of Ukraine, in terms of the international financial sector, and we adhere to this position. Speaking simply, Crimea is not Russia for Sberbank,” Gref said.

At the same time, he noted that the Ukrainian branches of Sberbank really work in difficult conditions: "some incidents happen almost every week there."

As QHA reported earlier, German Gref said at a meeting of the Sberbank shareholders in summer 2015 that the bank would not work in Russian-annexed Crimea due to the risk of sanctions. In his speech, he voiced the opportunity of "expansion of foreign business" in Crimea, thus emphasizing that the bank of Crimea is the territory of Ukraine.

Photo: Internet