Agent of the Chief Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces was detained in Rivne, Ukraine by the staff Counterintelligence Security Service of Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Security Service report on Facebook.

“The spy, a Ukrainian citizen, who resides in Russia, managed to recruit one of the senior officers of the Staff of the Ground Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The GRU agent had to offer the Ukrainian officer and his family money and Russian citizenship for the transfer of documents marked "Secret" and "Top secret" regarding the training, armament and mobilization deployment of military cooperation between the Armed Forces of Ukraine with foreign partners. The amount of reward depended on the relevance and importance of military secrets,” SBU informs.

The Ukrainian soldier who received a proposal for cooperation with the Russian special services, applied to the Security Council of Ukraine.

October 7, 2016, the Russian spy entered Ukraine to receive secret documents, which were already "processed" by the Ukrainian secret service operatives.

The next day he was detained by the SBU when receiving a memory stick with misinformation, which he considered the secret military documents.

Investigations continuing.