The special division of the Ukraine’s Security Service "Alpha" search the offices of Gennady Kernes, Mayor of the city of Kharkov, a QHA correspondent reported on the scene.

Two buses of the SBU Special Forces have been standing watch near the Kharkov City Council since 9 a.m. The entrance to the building has been blocked; the state employees cannot take to work.

According to a QHA correspondent, "Alpha" scours the hotel "National" at Science Prospectus – Kernes’s place of residence.

A QHA source told that the Mayor of Kharkov is searched due to a criminal case over organizing the theft scheme to seize 654 hectares of land in the city of Kharkov that is about USD 4 billion.

A spokesman for the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Larisa Sargan said that today the SBU have also searched the house owned by Mikhail Dobkin’s mother.

But he (Dobkin -. Ed.) came and showed a residence permit. According to the law, it is untouchable housing of the People's Deputy, Sargan wrote on Facebook.