Administration of Nikitsky Botanical Garden (Yalta) dismissed an employee because of his pro-Ukrainian position. The administration had to abolish the post of researcher to cover the incident, the Crimean advocacy group informs.

According to The victim Guri Korniliev told the Human Rights Defenders, that he was warned several times about the need to withdraw the waiver of obtaining citizenship.

“Earlier, Aleksandr Yarosh [Yung Scientists Group curator - Ed.] held a conversation with me, saying that since I had voluntarily rejected the Russian passport, thus "demonstrating an anti-Russian position," so I do not have a "moral right" to work "at a Russian enterprise" and should go "to Ukraine.” Administration had the same conversations with other employees, who also refused to obtain a Russian passport,” said the Crimean citizen.

Guriy Korniliev stressed that he does not want to get a Russian citizenship in any case.

“When the State Duma “legitimized” the whole situation with Crimea on March 18, I made the decision to renounce the Russian citizenship and passport whatever it takes, not to give Putin even the formal reason to “protect” me as a Russian-speaking citizen,” Korniliev said.

The Crimean was fired more than a month ago, and since that time he has repeatedly denied to work elsewhere, because of his "anti-Russian" stance.

Photo: Internet