March 19, three MPs and a political scientist from Serbia as well as a Czech MP responded to the invitation of the self-proclaimed "authorities" of the Crimea and, despite the protests of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, flew to the occupied Crimea, according to the information by the Kremlin-controlled edition RIA Krym.

Reportedly, the foreign officials who arrived in Crimea are the deputies of the People's Assembly from the Serbian Radical Party Dubravko Boic and Milovan Boic, the Serbian Radical Party Presidium member Aleksandr Seselj, the Serbian writer and political scientist, the Professor of the Banja Luka University Serge Trifkovic, and the member of the Chamber of Deputies of Parliament of the Czech Republic Jaroslav Holik.

According to the press, the visits of deputies from Brazil, Kyrgyzstan and the Baltic countries are expected as well.

In the course of their inconsistent visit to Ukraine, the European diplomats intend to visit the Livadia Palace in Yalta and meet with representatives of the so-called "authorities" of the Crimea. As a follow-up to the visit, a press conference is to be held.

Earlier, March 17, the Ambassador of Serbia in Ukraine was summoned for clarification to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The reason for the summoning was demonstrative violation of Ukrainian law and international law by a group of Serbian parliamentarians who intended to make unauthorized visit to the Crimea occupied by Russia.

The press service of the Foreign Ministry informed the QHA news agency that the diplomats will be held responsible for their actions under Ukrainian legislation and expressed the hope that the authorities of Serbia will take appropriate measures.

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