Siemens has made an official statement regarding the situation with the delivery of its equipment to the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, namely, in the Crimea.

"We have no credible evidence about actual deliveries of our turbines to Crimea. However, we are taking these rumors seriously and have put in place a task force team to investigate the matter that is working diligently to clarify the facts.”

The statement notes that if the turbines were indeed delivered to the Crimea, then this is a clear violation of the contractual arrangements.

“Siemens has repeatedly alerted its customer that Siemens complies with all export control restrictions. Siemens has taken all possible legal and will take operational measures to prevent the equipment from being used in an unlawful way, e.g. it will not provide any deliveries or services for installation, commissioning support or warranty”

Earlier, eyewitnesses have published videos and photos in the social networks, showing unloading of several units in the port of occupied Sevastopol, identical in shape and size with gas turbine units. Experts have confirmed that this may be turbines for new Thermal Power Plant. The commentators have suggested that it might be turbines produced by the German company Siemens.

The press secretary of the company, Michael Friedrich, has denied the assertion that Siemens AG is engaged in the supply of turbines to the Crimea for two power plants being built in breach of the European Union sanctions.

PHOTO: Internet