Stuart Ramsay, a reporter with SKY News, received documents from former ISIS militants directly implicating ISIS in cooperation with the Assad regime.

According to the documents, ISIS has been supplying the Assad regime with oil in exchange for agricultural products.

ISIS deliberately pulled out its troops from the areas it controlled so the Assad Army could ‘re-capture’ them. One of the most notable withdrawals took place in Tadmor (aka Palmira) where ISIS pledged to pull out its troops so the Assad regime could easily reestablish control over the town.

The documents also reveal details of ISIS attacks in Western countries. The militants, who carried out the attacks, underwent special training in ISIS camps.

According to the documents, the US was concerned over an increased number of ‘hidden terrorist cells’ in Europe. ISIS militants, who perpetrated attacks in Brussels and Paris and were never arrested, planned to launch a number of new attacks.

SKY News did not officially confirm the veracity of the released documents, claiming that it is virtually impossible to do that. However, similar documents the channels’ reports got hold of, proved to be genuine.