Speaking about the tactics of the Russian media, the Speaker of the Border Service Department outlined the main trends in the media used by the aggressor state occupying Crimea and carrying out the hybrid war in Donbas.  

“Russian propaganda machine knows no rest. Now Russian agents in the Ukrainian information space are active on two topics: an attempt to create the illusion of the European Union to reject Ukraine; and the next wave of discrediting and disinformation of the servicemen, including the State Border Service,” he reported.

To implement the first objective, the information is spread about the alleged introduction of the new EU restrictions on border crossings for citizens of Ukraine, and for the second one - information on the Ukrainian defenders who allegedly turn over to the Russian side en masse. The false information is openly used.

“So, Citizen Belozerov who is wanted by the law enforcement has no relation to the Border Service. Speaking about the salaries, the soldiers are paid on time and in full. Let me remind you that since May 2016 the minimum wage in the State Border Service is 7000 UAH,” Slobodyan said.

On Wednesday, the Russian media, citing the press service of the FSB border department in the Rostov region, reported about alleged detention of the Ukrainian military Bogdan Belozerov and Aleksey Yatsun in different areas when they were crossing the border.