The Slovak Parliament plans to expel Russian diplomat Dmitry Kovalkov, who insulted the Ukrainian Ambassador to Bratislava Yuri Mushka.

Yuri Mushka noted that the visit of a group of Slovak MPs planned for August to the occupied Crimea would be a violation of the laws of Ukraine. To this, Danko said that the Ukrainian ambassador should not tell the MPs where they can go, and where they cannot.

"Bravo, Mr. Danko. You are a brave man and a real ruler. And the ambassador of Ukraine is simply a retard,” Kovalkov wrote on the page of the Speaker of the Slovak Parliament Andrei Danko on Facebook.

So, Kovalkov's expression did not remain without attention of the Slovak MPs.

"This not only contradicts his status, which is related to the occupation of the territory of a Slavic state by another Slavic state, but he is a diplomat of the largest Slavic state, who vulgarly insults his Slavic brother," said member of the opposition Liberal Party SaS Martin Kluse.

He added that Kovalkov should at least apologize. In turn, the member of the conservative party OĽaNO Veronica Remishova criticized Danko for his lack of response to the offense of the Ukrainian ambassador and said that this harmed the national interests of Slovakia.

QHA reported that Slovakia does not recognize the election of the Russian president in the occupied Crimea. The friendship group of the National Council of the Slovak Republic with Ukraine insisted on full implementation of the Minsk agreements, which are a prerequisite for the revision of sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Source: Aktuality