Black Sea Fleet patrol ship "Smetliviy," commanded by the 3rd rank Captain Sergei Savchenkov went from the annexed Crimea to the shores of Syria, Russian Newspaper reports.

"There is an anti-terrorist group from the separate brigade of Black Sea Fleet marines on board, under command of Colonel Dmitry Uskov. It is planned that the ship will operate as part of the Navy task force for a few months in the far sea zone," the report says.

On the eve, in accordance with the plan of combat training, the patrol ship Smetliviy carried out anti-aircraft missile shooting on simulator of air target in the marine test site in the Black Sea; and a little earlier - an artillery fire at sea and air targets.

In December 2015, an incident occurred when the ship used the firearms to prevent clashes with the Turkish seiner in the Aegean Sea.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation then argued that the seiner crew did not get in radio contact with the Russian sailors and did not respond to specific visual signals of light semaphore and rocket flares.

The Defense Ministry then claimed that immediately after the shots, the Turkish seiner's crew without getting in touch with the Russia's crew abruptly changed its course and moved past Smetliviy.

Reference. "Smetliviy" is the second largest as per displacement ship of naval surface ship division after flagship "Moscow." This is the last valid frigate of the 61st project: over 20 such vessels were released in the Soviet times.

"Smetliviy" was introduced in Nikolayev in 1966. Navy flag was displayed on it in 1969. After modernization in 1992, it became a patrol ship with full displacement of 4750 tons.

Photo: Internet