In an interview with the German edition, Steinmeier presented his views on the Minsk process:

“It would be appropriate to maintaining focus on what we got due to the Minsk process at all costs: We were able to prevent escalation of the  confrontation in the eastern Ukraine into a full-fledged military conflict that would be uncontrolled and could turn into a " wildfire" in the heart of Europe,”  said the German diplomat.

Steinmeier has rightly pointed out that implementation of the agreements in fact move "at a snail’s pace", and the results are to be watched "under a magnifying glass."

Answering the question about the Cold War revival, the Minister said that nowadays the world is more complicated and no longer divided into two opposing sides.

“Quite a vivid example is the Middle East, where regional leaders no longer look up to Moscow or Washington, but pursuing their own interests.”

Steinmeier regards actions of Russia "just as a desire to strengthen their own power and to expand the area of influence." He gave an example of the bombing in Aleppo, noting that even hundreds of thousands of Islamist militants is not an excuse for bombing of the whole city.

Earlier, speaking on the Crimean issue, Steinmeier assured that Europe will never recognize the annexation of the peninsula by Russia.