Chairman of the Permanent Delegation of the Verkhovna Rada to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Vladimir Aryev informed the agency "Ukrinform", where the journalist worked:

“It is clear that we will raise this issue during our dialogue with other delegations and on Ukrainian Day on Wednesday, October 12, when the Council will consider the political consequences of the conflict and human rights issue in Ukraine according to the agenda.”

In January, the Council of Europe is to consider freedom of expression and protection of journalists' rights in Europe and the MP noted that the detention of a Ukrainian journalist in Moscow will be included in the report on the agenda.

Vladimir Aryev stressed that the case of the detention and arrest of Roman Sushchenko will be definitely recorded to this monitoring document.

September 30, the correspondent of the Ukrainian National Information Agency "Ukrinform" in France, Roman Sushchenko, was unlawfully detained in Moscow, where he arrived on personal business. FSB accused the detained Ukrainian of espionage, saying that Sushchenko was an operative of Chief of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine and collected classified information on the activities of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the National Guard.

Criminal case on "espionage" was filed against Sushchenko.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry stated that Sushchenko has no relation to the agency.

October 3, lawyer Mark Feigin reported that the defense had appealed the court's decision on Sushchenko’s arrest.

Detention of the Ukrainian journalist by FSB has caused widespread anger in political circles of Europe and North America. The colleagues of the arrested journalists in "Ukrinform" included the issue of his detention in the constantly updated news.

Photo: Internet