The document contains the names of six deputes of the State Duma from Crimea: Ruslan Balbec, Dmitry Belik, Konstantin Bakharev, Andrey Kozenko, Svetlana Savchenko and Pavel Shperov, according to publication.

Now, these politicians will not be able to bypass the restrictions of other countries via Switzerland.

Previously, the sanctions against the "deputies" were imposed by the US and the European Union.

It was reported earlier that the US Treasury Department introdused sanctions against the aforementioned deputies of the Russia’s State Duma from the Crimea.

October 20, President of Ukraine and President of the European Parliament discussed the possibility of strengthening sanctions against Russia in the context of human rights violations in the occupied Crimea. The Commissioner of Ukrainian President on Crimean Tatar Affairs Mustafa Jemilev expressed confidence that sanctions against Russia should be strengthened until the aggressor country returns control to Ukraine over its sovereign territory.

Photo: Internet