Opposition forces in Syria have warned that they may come out of a truce due to the fact that the government forces under the leadership of Bashar al-Assad does not comply with the ceasefire agreement. The corresponding statement was published today,  December 31, according to Reuters.
“Long-term violations by the regime [Assad -. Ed.], bombing and attempts to attack areas under the control of revolutionary factions invalidate the agreement of any force,” the report says.
The statement claims that during the truce Assad troops and his allies have tried to put pressure on the opposition-controlled areas north-west of Damascus. At the same time the official Damascus claims that these attacks were committed by the forces of radical terrorist groups to which a ceasefire agreement does not apply.
December 28, Turkey and Russia agreed on a plan for a comprehensive truce in Syria. The agreement was concluded after the agreements on cease-fire in Aleppo and the subsequent evacuation of the local population. The agreement terms will cover all areas where clashes occur between the Syrian opposition factions and the Assad regime troops.
If the agreement terms are implemented, representatives of the Assad regime and the Syrian opposition will meet at the peace talks in Astana in the future.
The given agreements do not concern the terrorist organization.
Photo: Internet