Czech Railways, the largest state carrier in Czech Republic, has developed diaries with a number of almost 5,000 copies with a map of the annexed Crimea marked as a Russian territory.

The map was created by Cartography Prague. It is worth noting that the Czech trade unions have approved this kind of diary.

The map also shows the territories of the "Islamic state", while Georgian province of South Ossetia, occupied by Russians, was depicted as part of the Russian Federation.

"Czech Railways" publishes diaries every year, which are always delivered to trade unions, politicians, bankers and others. This time the finished lot will not be distributed, it will be simply withdrawn.

Earlier, the US edition of The New York Times published a map on which Crimea was designated as a "disputed territory".

The map was posted in an article titled "Putin’s Bridge to Crimea May Carry More Symbolism Than Traffic", released on November 11 which dwells on the construction of the so-called Kerch bridge from the territory of the Russian Federation to the annexed Crimea.