The US Administration held a secret briefing on imposing sanctions against Russia, according to the message on the website of the US Senator from Democratic Party Ben Cardin.

“The Russia sanctions law includes a provision which mandates sanctions on those who conduct significant transactions with the Russian defense and intelligence sectors unless they can show substantial reductions in this trade,” said in the message. 

Cardin pointed out that the US Administration will continue observation in order to make sure that “Russian government’s ability to conduct this trade is significantly impeded”.

“The U.S. should be prepared to impose sanctions when the law is clearly violated. The administration should not rest in these efforts and I expect a frequent and regular dialogue on this issue.” 

Earlier, the USA extended the sanctions list against Russia over the situation in Ukraine by adding 21 individuals and 12 companies. Among the individuals on this sanctions list appeared Russian citizens as well as Ukrainian citizens who are involved in activities of so called “LPR” and “DPR”.   A large part of the sanctions list are Russian officials and businessmen involved in activities in the occupied Crimea.