The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that the US attempt to return Crimea to Ukraine by force would trigger World War III, reported Politico.

Earlier, in an interview with one of the publications, Trump confessed that he knew nothing about the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014 carried out with quasi-referendum.

I know it exactly. Two years ago, approximately. OK? Approximately. I said, yeah, well [that] was two years ago. I mean, do you want to go back, do you want to have World War III to get it back?, he says now.

The US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Tramp claimed that he was ready to accept the Russian Crimea, if he takes the Head of State post. Trump’s statement  contradicts the official position of the American authorities, who consider the annexation of Crimea illegal. The US State Department refused to comment on the candidate’s statement, calling it a "pre-election rhetoric."

Photo: Internet