Administration of the USA President Donald Trump appealed to the Supreme Court with a request to reinstate its ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries: Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Sudan, according to AA report.

“We have asked the Supreme Court to consider this important case”, Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said. She noted that President Trump’s executive order is adopted within his lawful authority “to keep the Nation safe and protect our community from terrorism”.

This order does not apply to the green cards owners and those who permanently legitimately reside in the USA, according to Washington Post.

During the presidential race in the USA, Donald Trump actively advocated a “universal and complete ban” on the Muslims entry into the United States. In June 2016, after shooting at a night gay club in Orlando that resulted in 50 people killed, he openly called to entry restrictions for Muslims into America.

“What has happened in Orlando was just the beginning. Our leadership is weak and ineffective. I call it and ask for the ban. Must be tough”, he wrote in Twitter.

The gay club gunman was Omar Mateen, he was an ethnic Afghan, a US citizen and a resident of Florida.

Trump previously associated terrorist manifestations with religion. For example, in November 2015, he proposed “seriously consideration” to the closure of mosques in the country as a response to the attacks in Paris.

Source: AA