NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov welcomed the decision to establish the expenditure of 5.9% of GDP on defense and security of Ukraine from the state budget-2017, but stressed that these funds must be real, and project funding should not "get stuck" in the Parliament, he said on the air of 112-Ukraine TV channel.

“5.9% is allocated for defense and security. This is the largest amount ever allocated. But it is very important that all the funds allocated for security and defense of our country were real. Not to repeat the situation of the current year, when there are resources that are not supplied, when you know, that the Parliament was not able to decide on special confiscation supporting a special fund to finance many defense programs. I hope that all these decisions have been taken and the budget will allow us to protect our country,” Turchinov said.

Earlier QHA reported that on the night of 21 December, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the draft state budget for 2017, with a deficit of 3% and the economic growth of 3% laid down in it. 274 People's Deputies voted in favor of the state budget-2017 at the required 226 votes.