Increasing military presence in the occupied Crimea with the nuclear warheads, Russia is threatening the whole of Europe, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov stated in an interview with publication

“Occupiers have created all the conditions in the annexed Crimea for the deployment of nuclear weapons. The offensive system were deployed there, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, the arsenals for their storage and maintenance were repaired. Therefore this information is not surprising. While there are carriers and the necessary infrastructure, it takes just a few hours time to transfer nuclear weapons by plane from Russia. Turning Crimea into a nuclear arsenal is a threat not only to Ukraine, but the security throughout Europe,” Turchinov said.

Moreover, the NSDC Secretary said that the surrender mood against the occupied regions spreading among the society is not justified, because Ukraine will restore its sovereignty throughout its territory.

“Yes, there is such a mood among people, saying, why do we need them. And those opinions are actively replicated. But Donbas and the Crimea were, are and will be a part of Ukraine. We are not going to give our land away to anybody. And I do not think that the returning of the occupied territories will be a never-ending process.”

NSDC Secretary stressed that the complete cycle of missile manufacturing has already been put on production in Ukraine, and said that the Ministry of Defense in a long term prospective plans to ensure the missile shield in Ukraine, which will protect from any air threat.

December 15, NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchinov said that the beginning of consideration of events in Ukraine in 2014 is "another marasmus of tyranny, which is experiencing socio-economic and intellectual crisis."
Photo: Internet