Turkey and Russia agreed on a plan for a comprehensive truce in Syria, "Anadolu" agency reports, with reference to reliable sources.
Ceasefire mode will start at 00:00 on 29 of December.

The agreement was concluded following the negotiations on cease-fire in Aleppo and the subsequent evacuation of the local population.

The agreement terms will cover all areas where clashes occur between the Syrian opposition factions and the Assad regime troops.

If the agreement terms are implemented, representatives of the Assad regime and the Syrian opposition will meet at the peace talks in Astana in the future.

The given agreements do not concern the terrorist organization.

December 21, the foreign ministers of Iran, Russia and Turkey Mohammad Zarif, Sergei Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu during the trilateral meeting in Moscow adopted a joint communiqué on further actions to resolve the conflict in Syria. The document stated that Turkey and Russia take on the obligations of the guarantors of the future agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition.

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