The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zaid Ra'ad Zeid Al-Huyseyn was sharply criticized by the Permanent Representative of Turkey to the UN Office Mehmet Ferda Charykchi at the 33rd session of the UN Council on Human Rights in Geneva.

The reason for this was the High Commissioner’s assessment of the ongoing antiterrorist operations by Ankara. The Turkish Permanent Representative stressed that the Republic, though fighting against terrorism, still adheres to the standards and complies with all international obligations, respect human rights and remains committed to democratic values:

“We consider the assessment of Turkey’s actions by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights unacceptable, since it is nothing but labeling and misconception of the Ankara's efforts,” Charykchi said.

Republic of Turkey is one of the founding members of the Council of Europe and the "associate" member of the EU since 1963, which the Turkish representative mentioned at the meeting as well.

Photo: Internet