Republic of Turkey, hosting already more than two million refugees, is ready to receive inhabitants of the city of Aleppo destroyed by al-Assad and Putin’s efforts, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Huseyin Myuftyuoglu stated.

Despite Ankara's desire to Syrians remained in their Homeland, the Turkish Republic can not leave in the people of the neighboring state in a disastrous situation.

Just this morning, the head of the Turkish Red Crescent said that, the construction of another camp for the refugees consisting of 10 thousand tents is planned to be built on the territory of Idlib, where Aleppo civilians evacuate:

“The first stage of works on the construction of the camp will take three or four days. In this regard the corresponding infrastructure has already being prepared,” said the director of the organization.

Yesterday in connection with the cease-fire regime in Syria, operation continues to evacuate the civilian population from the destroyed Aleppo to the Syrian opposition controlled city of Idlib.

Aleppo is the second largest Syrian city after Damascus, which is located 40 kilometers from the Turkish border. The western part of the city is under the control of the Bashar al-Assad regime, the East was under the control of Syrian opposition. The civil war in the country began in March 2011 with the shooting of peaceful protesters by military personnel. Russian Air Forces, as an ally of the repressive regime of Bashar al-Assad, systematically carried out air strikes on the alleged positions of the Syrian opposition in eastern Aleppo, destroying and civilians.

Photo: Internet