Speaking at a news conference in Ankara, Turkish Prime Minister Akhmet Davutogly urged Russia to keep open military channels of communication Russia broke off following the downing of a Russian fighter jet.

“Let’s keep diplomatic channels open,” Davutoglu said

According to the Turkish Prime Minister, opening communication channels will prevent similar incidents from happening. Davutogly went on to say that Turkey is prepared for dialogue with Kremlin.

“We should sit down and talk it at the table instead of making unfounded allegations,” concluded the Prime Minister.

Responding to that, Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said that military communication channels between the two countries were meant to prevent tragic incidents, including those in the sky, from happening. However, the channels did not work and it was not Russia’s fault they did not.  According to Peskov, Russia is aware of the fact that the Turkish side was not going to use the channels during an incident with a SU-24 fighter jet.

That way Peskov made it clear that Kremlin is in no mood to settle the crisis and sit down at the negotiating table.