All persons who occupy leadership positions in the Crimean Investigative Committee came from different parts of Russia - from Kamchatka, Chukotka and Altai, said the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the coordinator of the "Information Resistance" group Dmitry Tymchuk.

According to him, staff of the law enforcement department has not a single native Crimean or an ex-employee of Ukrainian law-enforcement bodies who betrayed the oath.

Tymchuk notes that as of 2014 Ukraine had no analogues of the Investigative Committee, and therefore it did not exist in the Crimea as well.

“This structure was formed on the occupied peninsula "from scratch". Moreover, it is quite significant that in the course of 4 years, no Crimean resident was admitted to its leadership even at the local level. Now the IC in the Crimea is actively bringing up young specialists literally from the school bench. Thus, all the defector law enforcers were simply excluded as unreliable. They are not admitted to responsible work, only to the dirty and thankless,” he said.

According to Tymchuk, it is generally logical, since the IC investigates crimes committed by security officials, law enforcement officers, elected officials, judges, etc.

“How can a crime of a serviceman, for example, be investigated by a person who betrayed his oath yesterday? But, on the other hand, it gives a very eloquent indication of how Moscow actually treats the Crimean population," he said.

Previously, Tymchuk noted that in the occupied Crimea, on the initiative of the FSB leadership of Russia, Cossack paramilitary forces would be formed.

He noted that the so-called "Parliament of Crimea" adopted the "Law on Cossacks in the Republic of Crimea", according to which in the territory of the annexed peninsula "Cossack corps" will be created who will obey the occupation authorities.