(QHA) - Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko, who is serving time in prison, has appealed to Euro Maidan participants. Tymoshenko urged the protesters to believe in themselves and victory in the name of Ukraine. “She is wholeheartedly with you. In all the squares, with the people who are now struggling for freedom, who rebelled against the regime. She is proud of every Ukrainian”, - Eugenia, the daughter of Yulia Tymoshenko, read the appeal from her mother. Tymoshenko also gave the opposition a plan of action for the Euro Maidan that will lead to a peaceful uprising of Ukrainians. She believes that the opposition cannot win without Ukrainians’ support, while Ukrainians won’t be able to establish democratic rule, without the help of the opposition. Moreover, Eugenia Tymoshenko has called on the country's democratic forces to continue their campaign demanding her mother's release from prison, Voice of Russia reports. "I call on our democratic forces not to allow my mother to remain in the hospital as a hostage to the current regime but continue to follow her situation and continue to fight for her release," Eugenia told reporters outside Kharkiv's Hospital No. 5. Yulia Tymoshenko, who went on a hunger strike eight days ago, remains resolute in her commitment to her goals, she said. "I, as her daughter, would like to address the democratic forces in Ukraine and in Europe and thank them for their support of my mother. I am grateful to all those who know that the truth is on her side and who continue to campaign for Ukraine's liberation from this regime at such a difficult time," Eugenia said.