Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Congress have prepared a bill on the provision of $1 billion in lethal defensive aid to Ukraine.

The bill on "lethal defensive weapons" for Ukraine has been presented by the head of the Armed Service Committee, John McCain, Mac Thornberry (R) and Adam Smith (D).

The United States, according to the document, should provide military assistance to Ukraine to protect "its sovereign territory from a foreign aggressor" in the form of equipment, weapons and military training for Ukrainians worth $ 1 billion until 30, September 2017.

According to Mac Thornberry, he "did not notice the slightest differences about whether we have to do it." His colleague Adam Smith told reporters that "Russia had decided to return to the Cold War."

Known Republican John McCain, said that he is coordinating his actions with Mac Thornberry and that the Senate "will try to do the same." On the eve, Thornberry and McCain visited Munich international Security Conference.

Experts believe that the bill should influence the position of Barack Obama. Under the current law on arms supplies to Kyiv, passed by the US Congress in December 2014, only the US president may decide whether to deliver "lethal weapons".