On Tuesday, November 7, a debate on the Holodomor (artificially made famine arranged by Soviet Union starving to death from 2.4 million to 12 million people) will take place in the British Parliament.

The corresponding statement was made by the press office of the Parliament.

The debate, initiated by Pauline Latham, Conservative Party member, will start at 2.30pm local time. 

According to the information published on the British Parliament web page, Holodomor was recognized as genocide of the Ukrainians by the number of European countries and Australian Senate. The European Parliament recognized the Holodomor as a crime against humanity in 2008.

Press office of the British Parliament notes that Ukraine adopted a law recognizing the Great Famine (Holodomor in Ukraine) as genocide of the Ukrainian people in 2006. During the voting in the parliament many members of the Party of Regions (its leader ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanykovych had left the country as a result of Ukrainian revolution in 2014) abstained in the vote, whereas the Communist Party voted against. 

Russia’s authorities show solidarity with the Communists. The Kremlin states that the actions of Soviet power were not directed against a particular nation, and deny the act of the genocide.

Earlier, the Senate of the American state of Washington adopted a resolution in which the Holodomor is designated an act of genocide of the Ukrainian people.