The Government of Canada has complied with the last procedure for the ratification of the Free Trade Area Agreement with Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko reported in his Facebook page.

He called the procedure as important decision and congratulated Ukrainians with ratification.

“Today, after the consent of the House of Commons and the Senate, the Governor-General of Canada has signed an agreement on free trade between Ukraine and Canada".

Ukraine, Canada and the EU will now work together in the Free Trade Area, according to Poroshenko, .

“Both Canada and the Netherlands almost in parallel took a decisive step towards the formation of Ukraine-Canada-EU triangle of free trade. After the completion of all formal procedures, this triangle will unite the three regions on two continents on the basis of a common commitment to liberal values and ideas”.


The President believes that this decision is the result of reforms in Ukraine.

Earlier QHA reported that the US Congress will not support the plans of the administration of President Donald Trump about the reduction of financial assistance to Ukraine.

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