Ukraine is on the same level with Russia in terms of fighting corruption and the results of reforms. The member of a non-profit international human rights organization Human Rights Watch Brian Dooley made a corresponding statement during the press conference held in Kyiv on December 11.

“According to World Justice Project, Ukraine ranks 78th, while Russia ranks 96th out of 113 surveyed countries. In 2017, according to Public Integrity, Ukraine ranked 68th, while Russia ranked 72th out of 109 countries.
In 2017, The world's governance index of the World Bank placed Ukraine in the same place as Russia, while Transparency International's corruption perception index placed Ukraine together with Russia in the 131st place among 176 countries of the world,” Dooley informed.

According to Dooley, Ukraine needs to demonstrate the real results of the fight against corruption, thereby "demonstrating that it breaks with the past".

Earlier, IMF stated that Ukraine was not effectively fighting corruption, which resulted in 2% annually loses of GDP growth.