Ukraine expressed its indignation over the illegal visit to the temporarily occupied Crimea by the leadership of the parliamentary party "Ataka" from Bulgaria, the Foreign Ministry reported.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Bulgaria Nikolai Baltagi during a meeting with the Director General for Political Affairs at the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the Bulgarian politicians deliberately violated the Ukrainian legislation and the norms of international law and openly supported the Russian occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula. Baltagi urged the Bulgarian authorities to condemn the daring anti-Ukrainian actions of the four MPs.

Reportedly, the representatives of the Ataka party, known for their ultra-right position and pro-Russian views, took part in the Yalta International Economic Forum organized by the occupiers.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian embassy in the Czech Republic expressed strong protest over the illegal visit of Jaromír Kohlíĉek, a member of the European Parliament from the Communist Party of the Czech Republic and Moravia, and Yaroslav Doubrava, member of the Senate, to the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea occupied by Russia for participation in the so-called Yalta economic forum.

All participants of the "international economic forum" in Yalta, occupied by Russia, were included into the "black" list of the Prosecutor's Office of the ARC.

The Prosecutor's Office of the ARC noted that the stay of foreigners on the Crimean Peninsula and participation in the so-called "IV Yalta International Economic Forum" is evidence of support for the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine