The Embassy of Ukraine in Germany initiated criminal investigations against German MPs illegally visiting the occupied Crimea, according to the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk.

“There is an article in the Criminal Code of Ukraine for illegal visiting the occupied territories, it provides for a term of imprisonment of up to 8 years. And the fact that one is an MP does not relieve the responsibility,” the Ambassador said.

According to Melnyk, Ukraine should use absenteeism to "show the German side that it concerns the violators of Ukrainian legislation."

“Unfortunately, the possibilities for real punishment of these people are limited. Germany does not extradite its citizens, and the German Criminal Code has no similar offense. But I know that the creative process continues, on how can these people be brought to justice.”

Criminal proceedings against illegal visits to the occupied peninsula were also initiated against Scooter's soloist.

QHA reported that in February, a delegation of three MPs from the Right-Populist Party "Alternative for Germany" arrived in the occupied Crimea.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea initiated a pre-trial investigation into the violation of the order of entry by the German MPs to the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Andriy Melnyk said that the visit of German MPs to the occupied Crimea would have "dire legal consequences" for them.

Source: European truth