Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has lodged a protest with Russia over an unauthorized visit of Dmitry Medvedev, Russia’s prime Minister, to Crimea, says a statement published on the Foreign Ministry’s website.

“Medvedev’s visit to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea constitutes flagrant disregard for Ukraine’s sovereignty, the UN Charter, international law and Russia’s international commitments,” says the statement.

It also says in the statement that ‘under the international law, responsibility for this and other transgressions rests squarely with an occupier state, i.e. the Russian Federation, its officials, as well as illegal ‘Crimean authorities’ and their representatives responsible for making unlawful decisions and committing illegitimate actions’.

In view of the above, Ukraine lodged a relevant note of protest with the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

It was reported earlier that Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of the United Russia Party, went to Crimea on May 22 to meet with participants of the Party’s preliminary vote.

During his visit to occupied Crimea, Medvedev met with disgruntled pensioners who demanded increased pensions. Medvedev responded to them by saying that ‘there is no money’ and urging them ‘to hang in there’.