Counter-espionage of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has in original way “congratulated” the service’s former officers, who remained in Crimea despite of the region’s unification with Russia, on SBU Day.

An advisor for SBU head Markiyan Lubkivsky wrote in Facebook.

“Counter-espionage of Ukraine’s Security Service would not be considered counter-espionage of Security Service if it did not congratulate the betrayers of SBU in Crimea”- Lubkivsky said.

“Former head of SBU in Sevastopol, a betrayer of Ukraine Pyotr Zima can see the billboard with the SBU logo (an eagle holding 2-headed snake in its claws) from his window or read it in “Crimean news”- he added.

“Pyotr Anatolyevich [Zima]! We congratulate you and your Crimean team on SBU Day! We always remember you and looking forward to meeting you!”- reads the inscription on the billboard.

March 25 Ukraine marked 23 years since the creation of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).